Twenty years of experience has taught us that children don’t suffer developmental challenges alone. Their siblings, parents and teachers share in the discomfort right along side the child. As a parent with an inkling that something isn’t quite right it can be really worrying not knowing what to do or who to talk to.

Behave and Concentrate

Behaviour and sustained concentration to task

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Academics and Learning New Skills

Remember and use skills for literacy, organisation for school and preschool

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Fine Motor Development

Finger skills for writing, manipulation and self care

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Child Development and Diagnoses

Ages and stages of child development and common childhood diagnoses

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Play and Social Skills

Play and interacting/social skills with others

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Speech and Language

Talking, listening and understanding instructions

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Gross Motor Development

Physical skills for running, jumping and self care

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Kindy and School Readiness

Tips and Tricks for being Kindy and School ready

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What does the worry look like?

As a parent or carer, are standing by watching your child feel:

  • Angry because so many basic things feel like a challenge?
  • Confused by the world around them that doesn’t make any sense?
  • Overwhelmed by the demands of simple tasks or safe environments?
  • Socially isolated because their classmates can’t relate to them?

Do you as their parent ever feel:

  • Ashamed by your child’s behaviour (eg when they misread this situation)?
  • Embarrassed when they overreact to a situation or fail to react appropriately?
  • Sadness when they are not invited to parties of their classmates?
  • Envy of other parents who don’t deal with the same challenges?

While we can’t change these feelings, we do understand them and we can help to overcome the challenges that are causing the problems.

How Can We Help?

Kid Sense therapists can help by taking you and your child on a guided journey (as a team) towards their wonderful by:

  • Sharing the worry
  • Identifying the source of the worry
  • Creating a treatment plan (a road map) to minimise the worry
  • Working alongside parents and teachers to carry out the treatment plan
  • Constantly adjusting the treatment plan to help your child get to their wonderful

What are the benefits of taking this guided (team) journey to wonderful with a therapist?

Well targeted and efficiently delivered therapy can help children to:

  • Remove the frustration from daily life and common situations
  • Develop skills where there was previously just deficit and difficulty
  • Increase Self Esteem and confidence making life feel easier (even if some of the challenges still persist)
  • Socially engage with their peers and siblings
  • Learn new skills (be that academic, physical, play, self-care or social)

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