Holiday Intensive Therapy Can Fast Track Developmental Success

Looking for quick progress on a specific skill for your child?

Is your child at their best and ready to learn during the holidays when School/Kindy demands are removed?

Don’t want to attend therapy during the busy school term but less busy school holidays are good?

Then Holiday Intensive treatments are a good fit for you!

*Holiday Intensives are provided by both Speech and Occupational Therapy, and can be delivered via Tele-therapy and/or face-to-face.

What is Holiday Intensive therapy?

Just as it sounds – Intensive therapy delivered during the school holidays in order to make rapid and targeted progress.

Attend multiple appointments during the school holidays focused specifically on one (or maybe two) goals. With a laser targeted approach to a specific goal and repetition during a short period (school holidays) this intensity can help many children make significant developmental progress. They can also help busy parents support their child’s development when they (parents) have the time.


Holiday Intensives are a great fit for you because they are:

  • Invaluable in helping children make rapid and laser targeted progress towards a specific goal of concern.
  • Great for families with limited funding (who don’t want to attend weekly school term therapy)
  • Good fit for children struggling to learn whilst also managing kindy/school demands (many children are ready to learn when school/kindy demands are removed.
  • Best fit for parents who have limited time (or energy) to invest in supporting home program development – the intensify / frequency of the Holiday Intensives often help supportively nudge children through what can be the emotionally tough skill mastery phase so that a subsequent home program is instead focused more so on maintenance.
  • Helpful to top up school term therapy for those whose therapists take leave in the school holidays when you still want therapy

Holiday Intensives

  • Include assessment if you are new to Kid Sense (*Not required if you have a current report by another provider)
  • Can be enjoyed at Kid Sense in addition to other regular therapy providers (you can use 2 different providers for the same therapy)
  • Can be delivered via tele-therapy or face to face
  • Can be parent focused for all or part of the sessions (to show parents the ‘what and how’ of supports at home / school and/or parent coaching to help the parent set the child up for success at home though own action – rather than skill practice by the child alone)

Common Holiday Intensive Goals

You choose the targeted goals that meet your family/child needs which may include:

  • Kindy and School readiness for upcoming transition
  • Skill catch up (eg literacy, numeracy) for children who are taking longer than ideal to master skills
  • Skill mastery for stubborn skill development that isn’t shifting (eg emotional regulation, articulation).
  • Boost skills that are developing but slowly (eg physical skills – ball skills, social skills – role play with friends or family)
  • Supporting sibling interaction (eg turn taking – using board games, collaborative play between siblings/friends)

Book your Holiday Intensives here to make the most of your child’s school holidays.

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