Kid Sense doesn’t leave it to guess work to determine if things are not quite as they should be for a child. We use very specific assessments and therapeutic tools. Now you can use similar tools below if your hunch is that something isn’t quite as it should be for your child, but you’re not quite sure if it’s time to do something about it.


Developmental Charts

The following charts list the ‘typical’ child development by age and the possible implications if a child has not reached typical developmental milestones. Please note that these charts are only a guide and are in not way a definitive assessment tool.

How to use these charts: These charts can be used as a guide to screen if children are reaching roughly appropriate developmental milestones for their age. They can also also be used to help establish determine child care, kindy or school curriculum or home-based activities.

Developmental Checklists

The following checklists allow an observer to check off which skills are being displayed by an individual child within the developmental area of interest.

How to use these checklists: These checklists can used to by parents or teachers to screen an individual child’s skills, by giving ticking ‘Yes” or ‘No’ to a series of skills and then giving a rough indication of what is outside the developmental norm for that age. Where developmental delays are evident, this may indicate the benefit in seeking Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy consultation.


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