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Through Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy we have helped children reach their full developmental potential. We take the worry out of children’s developmental hurdles so they are get on with being wonderful! Your child can unlock their wonderful too!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy improves the functional attention/concentration, behaviour, fine and gross motor movement, play and learning skills that children require across all environments and across the age span to do the things that kids do.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy improves the functional talking, listening and understanding skills as well as play that children require across all environments and across the age span to do the things that kids do.

Are You Worried?

Do you just know that something isn’t quite right for your child? Not sure what’s wrong or what to do about it? Identifying a child’s struggle is the beginning of the journey from worry to wonderful for children with developmental challenges.


Child Development Charts

Use our FREE child development charts and checklists to check if your child is reaching appropriate developmental milestones for their age. If you think something isn’t quite as it should be for your child, these charts and checklists will help.


Self Assessment

Kid Sense has developed a screening tool called the Development DetectorTM. Use this FREE tool to work out areas of concern and to guide discussions at home, in preschool or at school. Simply select the area of your concern, then choose the Development DetectorTM appropriate to your child’s age.


Is your child on the autism spectrum?

Autism is not a single disorder but a group of closely-related disorders with a shared core of symptoms. We support many children with autism spectrum disorders and can assist with access to autism services, support group and resources to support children across a range environments. Helping a child who is displaying challenging behaviours is not something you have to do alone.

Kid Sense turns worry into wonderful by offering a guided, team journey to developmental confidence. Here’s how we do it.

Why Centre-Based Therapy?

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art Centre in Unley provides the optimum space for you and your child. We believe clinic-based therapy is much more effective than mobile therapy offered at home, preschool or school. Children are more focussed which can result in much better outcomes.


Self-Isolating?  Difficult getting into a clinic? Live in a remote region or your child doesn’t like leaving the house? Tele-Therapy brings therapy to your lounge room. No time lost. No travel hassle.

Join Our Team

Join our dynamic team to make a huge social impact while having fun and developing your skills.

Fact Sheets: How we can help

Parents and teachers are often aware when a child is struggling. Identifying struggling skills is the beginning of knowing how to help. These fact sheets are the road map to reaching Wonderful. They tell you how to identify struggles early and what you can do to help.

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