Playful Paediatrics in Action! series

Practical Activities and Tips and Tricks that make up the everyday experience of Paediatrics

This series of FREE workshops is provided to prepare 3rd & 4th year Speech and Occupational Therapy students for the fun and reality of working in paediatrics. Let us help you really ‘know’ what Paediatrics entails, while learning ‘job ready’ skills.

Come along to learn at each session that is practical in focus:

  • Specific treatment activities and ideas relevant to the focus topic
  • Tips and tricks about delivering activities / intervention methods that University doesn’t teach you
  • The ‘lived experience’ of working with children delivered by passionate experienced practitioners
  • See for yourself what ‘a day in the life of’ a Paediatric therapist really looks like?
  • Question and answer time – both clinically as well as socially with experienced clinicians (so you can ask anything!)

Playful Paediatrics in Action! Topics




June 30th (COVID Delayed)

Now:  July 14th  

Enticing & Engaging Children in Playful Paediatric Therapy: The Art of making ‘Fun’ Developmentally Purposeful
July 28 Fun with Fine motor skills – Therapy Activities in Action Articulation & Phonology: Tips & Tricks with Fun Galore
Aug 25 Making Sense of the Senses & Regulation Enthusiasm in Expressive Language – Games in Action.
Sept 29 Go with Gross Motor – Playful Development Treatment Activities & Ideas Ready, Set, … Receptive Language –  Therapy made Fun.

Attend one or all of the series by booking each one individually.

*Spaces limited. Reservations essential.

Interested in our Graduate Program click here or to learn about Careers at Kid Sense click here.

Introduction to the Paediatric Workforce for New Graduates

The Fun, the Play & the Reality of Paediatrics

Wed August 11th   6 pm – 7.30 pm

This FREE workshop help prepare soon-to-be-graduates for the rigors of the paediatric workforce, share hints on how to get, keep and thrive in a new job in the first year of employment! It also outlines the Graduate Program offered to a group of new graduates in January 2021.

Come along to learn:

  • What ‘a day in the life of’ a Paediatric therapist really looks like?
  • What kind of job do you really want?
  • Getting and impressing in an interview
  • Questions you need answered during the interview
  • Models of payment that determines your wage
  • Pit Falls to avoid – understanding a job offer
  • So you got the job. Now what? Tips on how to keep the job
  • Tips on surviving and thriving in your first year of practice.

*Spaces limited. Reservations essential.

Graduate Program offered.     Multiple Positions vacant:     Apply on the day. 

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