Being a part of our Graduate Program is a unique and exciting opportunity. We invite graduates into our Program in January each year, which allows you to receive a tailored and highly supportive early career experience. Our clinical standards pathway has been specifically designed for New and Recent Graduates, intended to support you in your first year(s) of employment. Training you in all aspects of your chosen profession from how to write clinical reports to how to present ‘professionally’, the program offers a structured ‘road map’ of skill development along the journey towards clinical and professional competence.

At Kid Sense, we recognize that entering the professional workforce as a Graduate Therapist is an exciting but potentially daunting time. To help you along that journey, we have a strong culture of mentoring that sits alongside strong systems and procedures (both in terms of the Graduate Program as well as the ‘how to’ of your clinical delivery) so you know exactly what you need to do at every step of the journey and within each clinical task. This program is designed specifically to propel new or recent graduates with potential into therapists with competence and confidence who can provide the best quality care for their clients.

Some under graduates  prepare for the Graduate Program by working as an Allied Health Assistant to gain experience in ‘on the job’ therapy training under the guidance of an experienced therapist.  See below for details.

Under-Graduate Experience Graduate Program Therapist Mentor/Team Leader
Before Therapy 0 – 12 months 13 – 24 months 25 – 36 months
Acclimate Learn Consolidate Grow
Allied Health Assistant
*Not required to enter the Graduate Program
Graduate Program providing training, mentoring and supervision, and professional development. Consolidate and extend knowledge through mentoring to New Grads Grow into Mentoring and Team Leadership roles and responsibilities
Paid Allied Therapist Assistant experience operating under the guidance of an experienced therapist. This 12 month program involves a staggered caseload development across a variety of ages and diagnoses, as well as:

  • Professional Development: Workshops, seminars, and 1:1 clinical support.
  • Mentoring & Support: On-site team leader and regular mentoring sessions
  • Clinical Training: On-the-job training and case study discussions.
Consolidate your newly acquired skills through a potentially more complex caseload and/or beginning to mentor new graduates.

Consolidate skills with an extremely generous personal professional development fund, in addition to standard group professional development.

Grow into a Mentor or Team Leader role/ore responsibilities.

Enjoy an Additional week of “Loyalty Leave” by way of thanks for the care provided to clients and colleagues.

What to expect of the Graduate Program?

This supportive 12 month program offers:
• Intensive upfront orientation and training (tutorial and hands on) with Multi-D Graduates including shadowing professional peers
• Graded caseload development
• Daily onsite support from your Team Leader to guide through personal and professional adjustments and challenges
• Weekly clinical supervision meetings with other group learning opportunities
• External speakers on diagnostic and related clinical areas
• Diverse caseload of paediatric clients working along multi-D peers in the clinic setting with the option to undertake community visits
• Celebrations and Rewards for meeting Training Milestones

If you are looking for a supportive and Multi-Disciplinary group training, supervision and mentoring experience then our Graduate Program is the best way to kick start your career!


To Apply for the Graduate Program

To take this supportive journey to Professional competence, submit your CV and Cover letter click below. In your cover letter, outline why Paediatrics is your chosen professional area of interest and what you bring to the Kid Sense team as a person in your own right and as a professional. Please don’t forget to nominate your location of choice.


Under Graduate Opportunities

Not yet a Graduate but want some paid Paediatric experience that will help your career? Then become a Kid Sense Allied Health Assistant where you get paid to work alongside experienced paediatric therapists delivering paediatric care.

Allied Health Assistants

Final year Speech and Occupational therapy students who are interested in “getting their feet wet” in the paediatric field are encouraged to contact Kid Sense and register their interest in working as an Allied Health Assistant with our clients. Working alongside our experienced practitioners, this opportunity  gives students the chance not just to earn some extra cash, but to learn the ‘bigger picture’ of the clinical intervention they are delivering. Allied Health Assistant who are guided by experienced paediatric practitioners are perfectly placed to develop some extra skills, indicate your clear commitment to paediatrics or to check out if paediatrics is really the field for you.

To apply for Allied Health Assistant work simply submit your resume below.

The recruitment process will begin with an initial interview for Allied Health Assistant work before the opportunities are offered to you. If you would like more information, please call Joanna on Ph 08 8272 7522.

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