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If you’re interested in Paediatrics there’s no better place than Kid Sense!

Make a life changing transition to a new area of practice and enjoy the giggles along the way!

We know that you are looking for the recognition as the experienced therapist that you are, but the mentoring of new graduate to support a comfortable transition. 

To ensure a comfortable transition, we provide you:

  • Online training before seeing clients
  • Shadowing experience therapist in the first 1-2 weeks (with more possible on-going)
  • Weekly Mentoring 1:1  for the first three months (with more ongoing)
  • Supportive environment as you master unfamiliar skills
  • All resources provided
  • Rapid upskill in pay to approx. the level enjoyed in your previous (experienced) field
  • Position & Pay: Permanent Positions with annual salary review
  • Social team to ensure coming to work is a pleasure
  • COVID: Salary maintained during COVID lockdowns

Kid Sense supports therapists to transition part-time or full-time, with a solid commitment to nurturing their clinical development.

We recognise the value in practitioners who are experienced in life and/or another field of practice, even if not in paediatrics.

Our ‘Career Change’ therapists don’t start from the bottom all over again – they are valued as experienced therapists who are fast tracked to competence in a new field that expands upon their existing skill set.

We recognise transitioning therapists need to feel comfortable in making the leap so join us for a Come & Try  (behind-the-scenes) experience to see what a ‘day in the life of Kid Sense’ really looks. We can also arrange for you to speak with an existing team member who was already made the leap. Register for a Come & Try Experience above.  

For more information call Tayla on Ph 08 8272 7522 or request a non-commital chat (register above). To join our team apply above.

Benefits and Opportunities You’ll Love

(Part Time or Full Time)

Career Development

We offer a rewarding work environment with a focus on learning and development, from a Graduate Program to Senior Career Pathway.

Client Care & Flexible Working Hrs

We support our team to enjoy a comfortable client load and recognize that members at different stages of their careers and life have differing needs for flexibility.

Health & Well Being Benefits

From complimentary fruit to annual flu vaccinations and Employee Assistance Programs, we nurture our teams  Wellness.

Professional Development

From personal PD budgets to regular team events, we offer Professional Development (and mentoring) opportunities across the teams experience. Meet you required CPD points within working hours.

Environment & Resources

We provide all therapists with an individual treatment space fully loaded with resources, IT enabled and suspension equipment for all OTs.

Recognition & Rewards Programs

We love celebrating and rewarding the amazing work our team do each and every day through a variety of programs!

Frequently Asked Questions

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