The Top 5 reasons to join the Kid Sense team

  • Work life balance: Provide care for only 65% of your work day (the rest is your time for PD and admin)
  • Flexibility: Make your schedule work for you
  • Amazing Resources: Your own Treatment Room fully loaded with toys and IT (Laptop and IPAD)
  • Professional Development: Group and Personal budgets
  • Fantastic Team: Regular events, Fun loving culture

Kid Sense isn’t just a “work place”. It’s a “life place” where we balance work, life and fun!

Kid Sense is the right place for you if you are you looking for a:

  • Supportive team who encourage you to become the best therapist you can be (possible through well developed good systems and strong PD budget)
  • Career move that gives you the rewards that comes from being part of a vision that is bigger than just you. At Kid Sense, we change worry into wonderful!
  • Job where you are part of a team that enjoys the camaraderie and fun just as much as nurturing change in children, their families and their teachers
  • Work life balance (delivering care for only 65% of your day) so you can deliver the best care you can whilst caring for yourself through great professional opportunities and team benefits!

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Check Out Our Amazing ‘Work Perks’

Make a Difference:

  • Whilst (largely) centre based we are community focused, with the resources and mindset to set kids up for success in their community.
  • We blend fun and function to get the most out of the children no matter what their environment, and focus on educating the carers to know how best to ‘set up’ the kids for success.


  • Full time salaried roles (not commission where you only earn a percentage of the income that you generate)
  • Further opportunity to earn under an Incentive Program.

Working Hours:

  • Beginning from a base schedule, flex your schedule to meet your preferences.
  • Use our Flexibility Policy to your preference

Professional Development (PD)

  • Annual Personal PD budget (your choice, your control) as well as
  • Team PD to share the learning experience with your colleagues


  • Collaborate with a growing onsite team of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to provide holistic care for clients
  • Positive team culture with a fun loving and social team
  • Regular sponsored social events
  • Frequent (theme based) ‘Awareness’ events
  • Free onsite parking and uniform provided
  • Established Health & Well-Being program


  • Your own individual treatment room, fully loaded with toys, games and IT  (including Laptop and IPAD)
  • All OT’s have their own suspension equipment in their treatment room
  • Deep on-line resources for providing community focused high quality care


  • Modern facilities surrounded by extensive free parking
  • Walking distance to shops
  • Many sites located within shopping centres

Annual Leave

  • Schedule (most) Annual Leave without waiting on Leadership Approval
  • ADDITIONAL Annual Leave gifted upon your 3rd anniversary


  • Well developed systems/procedures (and training program) to support easy, efficient and high quality service delivery.
  • Our amazing admin team perform all scheduling and billing, leaving therapists free to do what they enjoy most – delivering high quality care.

Be part of a team that are driven by the shared commitment to:

  • Enhance developmental change in children
  • Educate parents and teachers about how to nurture change
  • Empower the therapists who create the change and support the people who help deliver change.


Not sure if Kid Sense is the “life place” for you?

We are proud of what we do and how well we do it.

In fact, we are so proud of our achievements that we will be happy to show you!

Come and join us for a Come & Try Session to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the awesome Kid Sense team. If you are not sure, call us and we’ll arrange for you to talk to a clinician about  whether we are are a ‘good fit’ with you.

Call and chat to Tayla on Ph 8272 7522 for more information.

Interested but not sure?

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