How can you know what a job is really like until you’ve seen it?   

In this video, you will travel through the day with a clinic based speech pathologist to see what the day brings.

This video is a great example of what a day in the life of a therapist looks like; working with a range of  different children, changing the set-up of a space to suit your client’s needs, using a range of resources, spending time with a team and enjoying work/life balance.

Following this video, if you have more questions about the day-to-day experience of a Kid Sense Speech or Occupational Therapist, you can request a Get to Know More Chat with Kid Sense to ask your specific questions of an experienced therapist. Alternatively to see for yourself up close and personal, enjoy a ‘Come and Try’ experience (where you get to shadow a Kid Sense Therapist for an hour or a day) and live the ‘behind the scenes’ experience.

Knowledge is power so use all possible avenues to make informed decision no matter what job you are interested in.

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Come & Try a day in the life of Kid Sense, or have a Get to Know More chat.

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