Experienced Practitioners Career Pathway

Having mastered the clinical delivery of paediatric care, many experienced practitioners itch to do more. At Kid Sense, the opportunities to extend beyond just therapy delivery into team management are clear either on-site or across multiple sites.


Experienced practitioners enjoy nothing more than sharing their knowledge with lesser experienced practitioners, basking in the joy of teaching and affirming their own knowledge!

Just like new graduates benefit from structured training and feedback, so too experienced practitioners can expand their clinical repertoire by providing mentoring feedback in a structured manner that allows newer practitioners to hear, learn, absorb and apply the words of wisdom that are shared, and the Mentor to share in the newer practitioners rewarding learning journey.

Team Leaders and Seniors

Having enjoyed Mentoring, some experienced practitioners then develop an interest in team management of their professional colleagues. These roles involve assuming responsibility for emotionally supporting team members, providing or coordinating additional clinical supports for those in need, innovating new programs or resources and shaping the culture of Kid Sense.

In the Allied Health industry, skillful therapists are often promoted into Team Leaders and Senior roles because they are good at their clinical roles. At Kid Sense, our Team Leaders and Seniors are supported to not just accept a promotion but to thrive in the position. The key to thriving is being provided  support to develop their ‘people management’ skills in order manage, and enjoy the management of, their team and the new responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with this exciting career progress.

Our Experienced Therapist Experience

12 Months experience or New Graduate Program Mentoring Team Leader & Senior
Develop skills to clinically mentor newer therapists to facilitate their journey from uncertainty and doubt to competence and confidence. Master ‘people’ skills to manage a multi-D team, implement new innovations and create the culture you enjoy.

Return to the Workforce

Becoming a parent or stepping back from the workforce to have other life experiences can contribute to ‘brain drain’ of really valuable therapeutic knowledge from the Allied Health industry.  Learning how to ‘juggle’ the demands of parenting or life whilst re-establishing a career after a break from the workplace has its own demands which can sometimes feel overwhelming. At Kid Sense we want to STOP THE BRAIN DRAIN!

Our Return to the Workforce Program is focused on supporting experienced therapists to transition back into the workforce (whether male or female) after an absence from therapy. The program is part of our wider strategy to ensure experienced practitioners continue to share their knowledge with clients as well as with more recently graduating therapists, to ensure a breadth of  experience on our team and to offer flexible working conditions  –  all of which forms part of our commitment to being an inclusive employer.

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