Looking for an NDIS registered provider for your child, in Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy?

If you have had your NDIS planning meeting or are currently waiting for it, you will be looking for a provider to help you and your child get on the right path. No matter where your planning meeting occurs, you have a choice of preferred provider and location of therapy. Kid Sense Child Development is a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in both Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.


Have you had your NDIS planning meeting?

If you’ve already had your NDIS planning meeting call us to arrange an appointment. Talk to us about regular appointment times that suit you best.

If you’re still waiting for your planning meeting, we can help you prepare for this important session and guide you through the application process. Call us now to arrange an appointment.


Who can Kid Sense Child Development help?

With 18 years of experience, Kid Sense Child Development can help:

  • Families who have a child with a diagnosis but who are not sure where to start
  • Parents who have been told their child needs therapy but they are not sure where to start
  • Children with autism, developmental delays, and sensory and language difficulties


Who is Kid Sense Child Development?

Kid Sense was one of the earliest providers to register for the NDIS and has helped hundreds of parents navigate their way through the funding regulations.

We offer:

  • Minimum waiting times
  • Regular appointment times
  • Substantial NDIS experience
  • Peace of mind that comes from operating for 18 years under the same ownership
  • Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services for children.


How can Kid Sense help my child access the NDIS funding?

With our extensive knowledge of, and close working relationship with the NDIS, Kid Sense can:

  • Guide parents through the application process (but not directly influence it).
  • Assess children and write comprehensive reports that diagnose a child’s developmental challenges that influence eligibility for the scheme.
  • Help families plan for their NDIS planning meeting by helping families consider their goals for their child and how they might best be achieved.


How can Kid Sense help families that are already accessing the NDIS?

As an NDIS registered service provider (offering both Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy) Kid Sense can:

  • Provide one-to-one therapy services funded under the scheme to help participants meet their plan goals.
  • Help families access appropriate “reasonable and necessary resources” where approved by the NDIS.
  • Act as a Key Worker to help coordinate the multiple services that might be involved in a child’s plan.


Speak with an experienced practitioner to learn what’s best for your child

Contact us today to make an initial enquiry or book an assessment for your child on 1800 KID SENSE (1800 543 736)

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