Kid sense believes that education of the carers of children with additional needs makes all the difference to the children. For this reason, Kid Sense offers a range of workshops both on and off site.


The founder of Kid Sense, Joanna Buttfield, is available to present on a range of topics.
Joanna regularly presents to professionals working in child care, education and allied health services:  providing either professional development or general education.
Presentations can be delivered at a venue of your choice and topics can be tailored to meet the needs of your attendees.

As a therapist and parent, Joanna’s teaching style is to:
•    Focus on ability not disability
•    Use analogies to identity children (and carers) in need
•    Give take away strategies for immediate use
•    Focus on  the use of low budget resources
•    Use case studies to consolidate learning
•    Use group work (where desired) to consolidate age or location specific learning

Presentation Topics include:

Topic Brief Summary Ideally suited to