Kid Sense isn’t just a ‘work place’. It’s a ‘life place’!
We make it our mission to provide you with fun, learning and an exciting career.

A Fun Team Makes for a Fun Work Day!

Our social team who share common lunch times and enjoy regular partially sponsored social events, also have a strong interest in life beyond work. You are sure to fit right in if you have a well developed sense of fun.

To raise funds or awareness of important issues and to embrace variety in our working day, Kid Sense regularly participates in theme based fund/awareness raising. Pyjama Day is a strong favourite, Book Week outfits are sure to impress and Cupcake Day never goes uncelebrated!

Want to know what Professional Development is coming up, when the next theme day or social event is planned or to hear about a new treatment activity idea? Check out the Kid Sense “What’s App” for all things therapy and Team Kid Sense.

In Paediatrics, we all want to celebrate children’s achievements (and maybe just a little bit the contribution we have made to these successes). At Kid Sense we celebrate ‘JOMO’s (‘Joy Moments’) where children get to publically share their successes (and yours) and bask in the glory of their achievements!

Professional Development and Holidays

We all want PD. So at Kid Sense you can have your cake and eat it too! All therapists have an Annual Personal PD budget to spend as you choose under your own ‘choice and control’. But this solo pursuit of knowledge is also balanced by Team PD opportunities where you learn right alongside your professional peers.

Book your own Annual Leave of up to 2 consecutive weeks no questions asked (*a few conditions apply).

On their 3rd year employment anniversary, therapists are ‘gifted’ an additional five days of paid annual LOYALTY leave in appreciation of their contribution over the years. Imagine what you could do with an extra week’s leave!

Our team creates the fun! Each week we meet as a team (either whole team  or individual disciplines). We share successes (and the odd blooper) to celebrate our  individual and the collective team’s achievements, we stay up to date with environmental changes or we use this time for Professional Development case study discussion, all while enjoying being part of a social team.

A Happy Team comes from Health, Well Being … & Mornings made Easy!

As carers, we need to look after ourselves as much as our clients. So at Kid Sense we look after our team by providing complimentary healthy foods, optional flu shots, counselling supports and physical well-being activities right at your workstation and regular ‘health’ challenges provided……with a little fun competition thrown in for those who choose.

Can’t be bothered thinking in the morning? Neither can we so Kid Sense provides uniforms and free onsite car parking to help smooth the mornings along. Each centre is located with coffee shops nearby too!

Pay, Caseload and Workings Hours

New to the industry or speciality field? Kid Sense provides a structured induction to help you learn the job in reality, using job specific tools and resources. With the  structures in place you will make a successful transition in no time and you’ll be a  competent and confident ‘professional’ in no time!

Enjoy having clear systems and procedures so you know what your job is, when to do it and how? At Kid Sense we believe that clear and efficient systems are the  back bone upon which you can sprinkle your own  individual ‘flare’ and make your clinical care really special!

Interested in buying a car or  house? Want the security of a regular wage? Kid Sense positions are salaried, but with further opportunity to earn. By the way, report writing and Admin. is paid too and scheduled within working hours!

Want to help clients and get paid? Kid Sense goes one better and pays therapists twice to ‘help’ the top percentage of monthly clients (within the Therapists Performance Targets). You can’t better than that!

Kid Sense offers  an additional incentive well above the hourly wage rate for every client helped beyond the regular caseload. It’s a great optional opportunity for those who want to earn a little extra while doing good things for clients in need!

Therapists ‘help’ clients in a 65% /35% billable/non-billable split. We provide complete operational support (scheduling, billing) to ensure the caseload is comfortable and sustainable, and so that therapists do what they do best (clinical consultation), not reception tasks.

Want work/life balance? Flexibility in  your schedule make easy.

Tired of sharing space and resources? We are too, so each therapist their own treatment room with all resources and IT provided. We also rotate additional resources weekly because we believe that if WE are having fun then so are the kids!

Kid Sense IS the place for you if you like to combine work, life and fun!
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