Early Career Accelerated Graduate Program

Have you begun clinical practice but the area of practice wasn’t quite what you expected? Have you taken a position that didn’t deliver on your hopes and/or expectation?

We know that not every therapist’s transition into clinical practice goes according to plan or lives up to their dreams.

You might be feeling that whilst you’ve got some experience under your belt, you don’t have the conviction of your clinical reasoning and/or the confidence in your clinical skills that you would like. It might be that the area of practice that you’ve worked in just isn’t your ‘best fit’ now that you’ve lived it.

This is not uncommon in early career therapists who haven’t landed their ideal role as their initial role, or who did but have then become disillusioned by it.

Are you looking for a  new role where you are afforded the respect of an experienced therapist but have the structured support and supervision of a New Grad as you gain your confidence in the role?  Then our Accelerated Graduate Program might be perfect for you!

Which best describes you?

Kid Sense Therapist Induction Options
New Graduate Early Career (0-2 yrs) Career Change Experienced & Confident
No Experience Some experience but little confidence Experienced in  another area but wanting support in Paediatrics Experienced & Confident in paediatrics
2 year new Graduate Program Accelerated Graduate Program Experienced therapist or senior therapists

Graduate Program: If you are feeling really new to the area of practice, it’s possible that the graduate program is for you.

Early Career Accelerated Graduate Program:

If you are feeling that you want support to master the foundations of paediatrics, but have some work experience up your sleeve, it might be that the accelerated graduate program is for you.
The Accelerated Graduate Program is effectively the Graduate Program in a consolidated form that assumes some basic foundations thus providing the best of both worlds.
It acknowledges the practitioner as experienced in the working world, but provides the professional development and supervision of a new graduate.

This program is developed specifically to ensure that these early career or change of career therapist feel confident in their skills, comfortable in their daily practice and are assured that there professional practice is being reviewed by an experienced practitioner, every step of the way.

Career Change Program:  If you are experienced in another area of clinical practice but are keen to move into Paediatrics this program is ideal for you. Much like the Early Career Accelerated Graduate Program, it offers the support and supervision to fast track your clinical knowledge whilst acknowledging your experience. The content is very much tailored to your existing experience and the support that you seek.

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