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  • Positively impact children’s lives!
  • Fun, social, collabourative team
  • Strong Salary (not commission)
  • Monday mornings off every week
  • Clinic based, with all resources provided
  • Group PD and a Personal PD budget
  • Not sure? Come see us in action!

Working with children is FUN. WORKING AT KID SENSE IS BETTER!

Have fun, make a strong social impact and enjoy an awesome team and fabulous work perks!

We want to ensure you love your job and keep loving it!

Positions Vacant

Kid Sense welcomes Part Time and Full Time team members, so please indicate your preference in the below roles when applying.

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Kid Sense isn’t just a  “work place”. It’s a “life place” where we balance work, life and fun!

Kid Sense is the right place for you if you are you looking for a:

  • Support team who encourage you to become the best therapist you can be (possible through well developed good systems and strong PD budget)
  • Career move that gives you the rewards that comes from being part of a vision that is bigger than just you. At  Kid Sense, we change worry into  wonderful!
  • Job where you are part of a team that enjoys the camaraderie and fun just as much as nurturing change in children, their families and their teachers
  • Work life balance that is financially rewarding with great professional opportunities and team benefits!

Find out more: Why Choose Kid Sense?

Check Out Our Amazing ‘Work Perks’

Salary: Full time salaried roles with further opportunity to earn more under an Incentive and Rewards Program.

Operations: Well developed systems/procedures (and training program) to support easy, efficient and high quality service delivery.

Hours: Monday mornings off (work a 5 day week in 4.5 days).

Professional Development (PD) for clinicians

  • Personal PD budget provided annually (your choice, your control) as well as
  • Paid team based PD in order to share the learning experience


  • Collaboration with a growing onsite team of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to provide holistic care for clients
  • Positive team culture with a youthful and social team
  • Regular sponsored social events
  • Frequent themed fund raising days celebrated
  • Free onsite parking and uniform provided
  • Established Health & Well-Being program


  • Modern facilities surrounded by extensive free parking
  • Your own fully equipped treatment room with no room sharing, and all resources provided! (Note: OT’s have their own suspension equipment)
  • Laptops and IPAD provided to each therapist
  • Walking distance to coffee shops and supermarket

Annual Leave

  • Schedule Annual Leave without waiting on Leadership Approval
  • ADDITIONAL  Loyalty Leave (5 days) upon your 3rd anniversary (for clinical staff)

Be part of a team that are driven by the shared commitment to:

  • Nurture developmental change in children
  • Educate parents and teachers about how to nurture change
  • Enrich the therapists who create the change and support the people who help change.


Not sure if Kid Sense is the “life place” for you?

We are proud of what we do and how well we do it.

In fact we are so proud of our achievements that we will be happy to show you!

Come and join us for a session or two and ‘walk in the shoes’ of the awesome Kid Sense team. If you are not sure, call us and we’ll arrange for you to talk to a clinician about  whether we are are a ‘good fit’ with you.

Jude will be happy to arrange either by calling 1800 KID SENSE (1800 543 736).

How am I paid?

All positions are salaried (not commission). This means that you accrue and are paid holiday leave and sick leave as well as a consistent wage.  A consistent wage takes the worry out of  your working life and makes it easier to get a bank for buying a house, car of holiday!

What are the working hours?

To ensure a work life balance, we help children with additional needs 4.5 days of the week (assuming you are full time) rather than 5 days. That is, we do an extra session some days to allow us to have Monday mornings off every week but still be paid a full time wage.

Are positions clinic based or mobile?

Currently all services are clinic based because we believe that quality services are best  provided in a specialized (non–distracting) environment (eg  our OT ‘sensory’ rooms with suspended equipment). Being clinic based therapists have access to the full range of motivating games and treatment resources, and of course the chance to  speak with the  parent/carer. We believe that parent/carer education is the most valuable part of any session. This is what really makes therapy become part of everyday life.

Clinic based therapy also allows the multi-disciplinary team to work together for the benefit of the child and their family and teacher.

Do I get Professional Development (PD)?

Yes. All staff are allocated both a personal and group PD budget.  Your personal budget allows you choice and control over your funds. Because we value our team based approach, some PD is also provided as a discipline or multi-disciplinary group in order to benefit from each others knowledge and experience.

What is the induction and/or training process?

All new staff have reduced clinic expectations as they induct into the systems and procedures that ensure rigor to all the we do, as well as additional mentoring as needed. New to the profession team members benefit from a structured training and induction period supported by Kid Sense training manuals and workbooks, covering everything from treatment methods to interaction styles. Constant mentoring/supervision is provided during this period.

Do I have easy access to my supervisor?

Yes. In addition to weekly (if not more frequent) mentoring sessions, you will sit beside a mentor in your office/admin time during your probation time. For new to the profession team members as well as on going staff, Kid Sense has a vested interest in your professional development. Only well trained staff provide well executed therapy that really makes a difference in the lives of children and their families and teachers.

Do I have to bring or pay for my own resources?

No. Kid Sense provides all the treatment resources and materials you will need including toys, IT (laptop and IPAD) and your very own treatment room that you don’t share unless you job share. OT’s also get their own suspension equipment. You own resources are welcomed but if you love them the rest of the therapists will as well, so please share them with the whole team!

Are there growth opportunities with the company?

Yes! Kid Sense has a very clear career path and is actively expanding our services into new service and locations. There is a ‘just right’ fit for you in Kid Sense. We recognize that the ‘best fit’ role for you will change with time, your experience and your interest. We also believe in tapping into the collective knowledge within the team by seeking team input towards constant and never ending improvements that offer regular opportunity to make a difference towards the teams work practices and workplace enjoyment.

How is Health and Well Being supported?

Kid Sense is dedicated to supporting the positive the Health and Well Being of the team through a variety of daily initiatives to quarterly special events.  Some initiatives are individually focused while others are group focused.

What are the social benefits of Kid Sense?

As a predominantly young and youthful staff team, our social committee actively arrange   (partially funded) social events outside of work. The team is equally social in informal gathering outside of the work place. All staff share a common lunch hour and enjoy the ‘Zen’ lunch room where ‘work talk’ is discouraged over lunch as but one example of our Health  and Well Being program.

What are the kind of team members Kid Sense looks for?

Kid Sense recruits people who share the our ‘why’, who have a keen sense of fun and who share in the enjoyment of our strong team culture. Our team is what makes Kid Sense! We value a team of mixed experience, varied interests and positive attitudes. Kid Sense is an inclusive workplace that seeks to expand the team with people that are have varied backgrounds, languages and sexual orientation.

Apply now

Kid Sense is a rapidly growing company that is actively seeking like minded Occupational Therapists or Speech Therapists specialising in Paediatrics to join the expanding team.

So if you are interested in joining our team, please send us your CV and cover letter via the form. For more information please do not hesitate to call 1800 543 736 and speak to Jude (Practice Manager).

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