Busy Before School Makes for Settled at School

Does your child hit the ground running in the morning and bounce instead of walk into school? Giving your child a burst of physical activity before school can help take the edge off their sensory fidgets.

We’re sure your child’s teacher will be super grateful if you try a few of these:

  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Go for a bike or scooter ride (wear a backpack for good measure)
  • Make an obstacle course involving animal walks (frog jumps, crab walks, bear walks) to complete the morning self-care tasks (eg. Get dressed, clean teeth, pack bag)
  • Do an Obstacle course around the house to collect the school uniform and school bag contents
  • Rough and tumble play – wrestling match with Mum and Dad in the mornings (with safety rules of course!)
  • Do aerobics, gym work, yoga, pilates or walk the dog together
  • Park further away from school than usual and walk or ride the last 10 minutes
  • Park on the ‘other’ side of oval or school ground and race to the classroom (wearing your school bag)
  • Allow 10 mins of playground time before school

For more information on how a Kid Sense Occupational Therapist can help your busy child settle for school or kindy call 1800 KIDSENSE or visit https://childdevelopment.com.au/areas-of-concern/sensory-processing/sensory-diet/