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Our 4 clinics are conveniently located in the community  for easy access close to home. Each clinic is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of our paediatric clients, their siblings and families as we ‘help children overcome challenges in movement, play, speech, language, learning, attention and behaviour’, whilst also meeting their needs for safety, cleanliness and emotional and physical comfort.

Kid Sense facilities provide a state-of-the-art, professional environment in which our team of highly-trained paediatric clinicians can excel at what they do best – helping children develop their skills and achieve their optimum potential.

The overriding focus of our facilities is to offer an environment that is physically and emotionally safe and in being so  encourages children to take measured risks that  support development. Our therapeutic environment provides a range of opportunities for sensory input while promoting physical development, encouraging social relationships and enhancing independence and self-confidence.

Each therapy room door is colour coded so our team can tell children which room they are going to – this is particularly helpful given that we see so many children that consult both Speech and Occupational Therapy services in the one facility.  You can also visit the Team page to show your child the picture of their consulting therapist  before attending, for children that benefit from such information.

While the children are enjoying themselves in the play rooms under the care of our expert therapy team, parents can chose to join the fun or retire to the Guest Lounge to enjoy a moment’s peace or pop out to do  quick shop. They can be comfortable in the knowledge that the therapists will advise them at the end of the session what activities they have done, why, and how to do the same at home if they wish. In many cases, written home recommendations are also provided that can be distributed to other involved parties (e.g. teachers).

The focus on therapy is to develop skills and strategies that can be used in the real world (e.g. at home, in the shopping centre, at birthday parties or at kindy or school).

Why do centre-based therapy when home or school therapy is possible you might ask? The treatment spaces and collective resources on-site speak for themselves. A mobile service simply cannot provide the top rate treatment spaces, nor have the full compliment of necessary tools or toys at the ready to engage even the most reluctant learner . For more information visit:

Why Centre-based therapy?

Occupational Therapy Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are indoor playgrounds that are loved by all kids big and small! This means that ‘therapy’ is fun in our creatively-designed clinic (‘play rooms’) where treatment is playtime!

These clinics are indoor playgrounds, equipped with specialised ceiling suspension points and contain a wide variety of suspended equipment. They are also furnished with size adjustable tables and chairs to mimic life where children need to learn to override the desire to act on impulse in order to attend to other tasks at times. Each room is also equipped with pencil and paper tasks (and other finger based activities) to help develop table-top skills as well as visual cues to aid attention and understanding of the tasks at hand.

Flying through the air on a swing like a monkey, climbing over a huge pile of cushions like a mountaineer or swimming like a fish in a sea of balls are all truly unique ways of improving strength, coordination, and interaction skills. Similarly, cutting playdoh, using tea-bag squeezers to put marbles down a marble maze or putting together a puzzle when lying over a large ball are all fun ways to develop finger strength, pencil and scissor skills, visual attention for drawing, writing and reading skills and sequential planning skills for multi-step task performance.

The whole experience has been specially designed to allow children to develop balance and coordination, overcome sensory issues  (in the swings and pillows) and develop finger and visual skills (at the table) while having lots of fun.

Speech Therapy Play Rooms

Speech Therapy therapy rooms at Kid Sense are designed to replicate ‘play rooms’ in the home environment. Each room has cupboards jam-packed full of fun, colourful toys that help to make the therapy process more like ‘playtime’ and less like ‘work’!

All rooms are equipped with toys that can be used for a variety of purposes and are readily accessible to make learning exciting and interesting. All of the toys have been carefully selected so they can be used in many different ways – a farmhouse can be used to teach animals names, following instructions, or teaching concepts such as on/in/under or behind/in front/next to; Mr Potato Head teaches colours, clothing items/body parts, turn-taking and fine motor skills; the train track helps a child learn constructive play skills, imaginative play, counting, and can make the boring process of articulation drills so much more captivating as the train crashes into obstacles on the track. Therapy only work well when the therapist’s chosen activity holds the child’s interest.  To ensure this is never a problem we have a range of options to choose from at all times.

Kid Sense believes in a multi-sensory approach to therapy. Visuals can be found in every therapy room which helps to supplement a child’s understanding of expectations. Each room has an adjustable table and floor space as we believe that therapy shouldn’t always occur at the table. Allowing a child to move around the room or engage in activities on the floor such as fishing for cards or going on a treasure hunt to find items located around the room, helps to prepare them for kindergarten/school environments whereby they are moving from floor time to table top activities. It also provides some sensory feedback to keep the child alert and in an optimal state for learning.

The experience of coming to Kid Sense has been designed to enable children to learn and develop skills in a non-threatening, multi-sensory, and fun environment.

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